Celebrating Over 50 Years of Dedication to Quality Products & Customer Service!

Smitty's Supply, Inc. was founded by Edgar Ray Smith Jr. in 1969 with his wife, George Ann, joining him 3 years later. Having made a small initial investment, Mr. Ray began selling miscellaneous products from his van and used a small room in his house as a warehouse. He sold directly to various accounts such as garages, country stores and auto part stores, being sensitive to their needs and working hard to get them what they asked for. After being on the road for a short time his customers started referring to him as "Smitty", which became his company's name.

Smitty's Supply, Inc. is now one of the leading manufacturers in the world of lubricants and related products, delivering products of the highest quality at the most competitive pricing.

Establishing the Foundation for Growth

Soon after experiencing good response and some success, Mr. Ray and Mrs. George Ann built a small warehouse and were able to buy in larger quantities to better supply their customers. They committed to the guiding principles of honesty, integrity, service and competitive prices which was the catalyst, and continues to be the foundation, for the growth and success of their business. Working through the normal growing pains that required putting every dollar possible back into the business for more expansion, they increased inventory and hired more employees. During this time their sons Ed and George worked after school, weekends and during holidays, showing great interest in the company. Later, David and Mitch did the same. In 1987, after years of consistent growth and expansion of their customer base, they were able to build their first substantial warehouse, which included a retail automotive parts outlet. It now houses their corporate headquarters amidst the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution complex of Smitty's Supply, Inc.

Focusing on Oil and Establishing the Super S Brand

It was during those times that Mr. Ray was able to negotiate contracts with major brand oil companies to redistribute their products and the business started to become a lubricant, chemical and ancillary supplier. Demand surged and with large growth spells they realized that to meet customer's requests a house brand was needed that would be Smitty's own, and Super S was developed.

Gaining Control of Supply to Meet Growing Demand

In the beginning, products developed under the Super S brand were contracted out for other suppliers to manufacture. After having success marketing the brand and realizing the potential for growth, it was obvious that Smitty's needed to manufacture the brand in house. This became painfully obvious after trying many suppliers and not receiving the service levels required to be able to resell and keep customers satisfied. These circumstances encouraged Smitty's to become the supplier to their customers they could not find for themselves. Supply lines and storage facilities were expanded, substantial on-site manufacturing capabilities established, and Super S took off to become one of the broadest and most complete product lines in the industry. Today, Smitty's manufactures 95% of the products in the Super S brand which represents 70% of the company's annual revenue, with only a few ancillary products contracted to other manufacturers.

SSI Corporate Headquarters

Where Smitty's is Today

In 2000 the company was sold by Ray and George Ann Smith to their four sons. Since then, Smitty's has acquired additional contracts with other major brand companies to now include the Shell, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Chevron, Texaco, Castrol, Valvoline and Mystik brands and also has developed three more house brands, SureGuard, TriStar and CustomPlus to complement the Super S brand. Smitty's distributes these and many other brands and ancillary products nationwide and to over 88 foreign countries. Smitty's also manufactures products for other national companies under their proprietary brand names.Today, Ed Smith is the sole owner of Smitty's Supply.