• Quantity Per Pallet: 36
  • Length: 16.063
  • Width: 12.813
  • Height: 13
  • UPC Code: 0 85051 00305 7
  • Case Code: 1 00 85051 00305 4


SUS 305

  • Product Details

    Super S Radiator Coolant is for use instead of water to prevent internal damage to cooling system, water pump and thermostat. Promotes more efficient cooling and extends the life of your radiator and cooling system. Protects from overheating and boil-over. Protects from boiling up to 265˚F (129˚C). Prevents rust, corrosion and scaling to promote better heat transfer from engine to radiator. Lubricates water pump seals and moving parts. Recommended for all aluminum and conventional metal cooling systems.

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