• Quantity Per Pallet: 4
  • Length: 22.75
  • Width: 22.75
  • Height: 34.75
  • UPC Code: SUS.SOLOIL.1055.919
  • Case Code:


SUS 442-55

  • Product Details

    Super S® Soluble Oil B is recommended for metal working application where cooling and rust protection are of the upmost importance. It contains a specially formulated surfactant which forms very stable emulsions even in the presence of hard water that quickly dissipates heat from the contact point of the tool and the workpiece. The surfactant system also promotes fast removal of metal shavings for precise, clean surface finishes making it particularly suitable for cutting with carbon or high speed steel or tungsten carbide tools. This universal, high performance metal working fluid is formulated without boron, chlorine, or formaldehyde to comply with HS&E regulations and to improve worker safety. The additive package affords for quick wetting for smooth consistent cuts and cleaner, long-lasting tools and components. Super S® Soluble Oil B is typically diluted in water in ratios at ratios from 10:1 to 50:1 depending on the application.

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