• Quantity Per Pallet: 156
  • Length: 8.9375
  • Width: 7.4375
  • Height: 9.375
  • UPC Code: 085051007970
  • Case Code: 10085051007977


SUS 797

  • Product Details

    SuperS® SuperSyn Full Synthetic Motor Oil provides the ultimate performance and protection, especially under severe driving conditions. It utilizes newly developed additive technology to achieve among the lowest rates of wear ever for motor oils, well exceeding the most stringent North American specifications for wear control, cleanliness and sludge, oxidation control, and emission system and seal compatibility, while meeting the standards for fuel economy. Licensed API SN Plus by the American Petroleum Institute(API). It is compatible with most conventional and synthetic oils. Benefits include: Higher Engine Performance and protection against Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) Protection in Turbo-charged Engines; Improved Piston Cleanliness; Improved Oxidation and Fuel Efficiency. SuperS® SuperSyn Full Synthetic Motor Oil is manufactured to our stringent standards. Every batch is tested, from raw material to finished product to ensure you’re getting the Best Protection and Performance for every quart.

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