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  • UPC Code: 085051032262
  • Case Code: 10085051032269


SUS 3226

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    SuperSyn Multi-Vehicle ATF is a full synthetic, low viscosity automatic transmission fluid formulated to satisfy the performance requirements of most modern automatic transmissions. Developed to satisfy the majority of modern six, seven, and eight speed automatic transmission specifications using an advanced additive technology which has been approved by Ford, GM, and for use where JASO-1ALV is recommended. SuperSyn Multi-Vehicle is formulated with quality synthetic base stocks to provide excellent thermal and oxidative stability and good pumpability during cold start-ups. Use of extremely shear stable viscosity modifiers prevent loss of viscosity and offer twice the durability in friction tests as previous generation fluids such as DEXRON-IIIH fluids. Recognizing the need for minimized inventory, Smitty's developed SuperSyn Multi-Vehicle to allow installers and repair shops to stock one premium which will service the majority of transmissions on the road today without the need for supplemental additives or top treats. Refer to the Product Data Sheet for a complete set of applications.

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