Cherry Picker Oil

Super S Cherry Picker Oil surpasses the minimum dielectric strength specifi cation of 25kV making it suitable for use in high voltage electric service vehicles.
Super S Cherry Picker Oil is a premium high dielectric strength, high VI (viscosity index) anti-wear hydraulic oil developed for dependable performance in mobile, marine and industrial equipment, aerial platforms (man lifts) and bucket trucks, and emergency and electric service vehicles. It is formulated to provide excellent shear stability and thermal stability at both low and high operating temperatures, making it an excellent choice for hydraulic systems subjected to a wide range of climate, environment, and operating conditions. It provides excellent water separation and demulsibility, and is specially formulated to suppress foaming while also allowing rapid air release, improving hydraulic system performance and helping to prevent pump cavitation. Special friction properties help to reduce chatter and provide smoother operation. It protects system components from rust and corrosion, and resists oxidation in the presence of air, water and copper minimizing sludge and varnish deposits to help extend the service life of both oil and equipment.
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