Super S SuperFuel 4-Cycle Fuel
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Product Literature

Super S SuperFuel 4-Cycle Fuel

SUS S202 QT / SUS S203 GAL


Product Description

SUPER S SUPER FUEL is made with premium high octane fuel to provide the performance and protection that outdoor power equipment users need. Does not oxidize like typical gasoline. Super S Super Fuel contains no ethanol which prevents downtime and repairs to your internal engine parts. SUPER S SUPER FUEL is engineered using advanced detergents, modifiers and stabilizers for extended shelf life, peak performance, easy start ups, quicker trigger responses and smooth idling. See the benefits of saving time and taking out the guesswork with Super S Super Fuel. SUPER S SUPER FUEL meets or exceeds the performance requirements of most manufactures of 4-cycle engines. Recommended for use in Trimmers, Chainsaws, Blowers, Generators, Lawnmowers. Designed for long term storage.